SpinCar of Syracuse adds big contract; continues fast growth and need for more employees

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — SpinCar of Syracuse is adding to its growth by introducing its Feature Tour product to one of the leading company’s in the salvage auction industry.

In 2019, IAA partnered with SpinCar to introduce the salvage auction industry’s first 360-degree walk-around digital experience.

Through this new tool, buyers will be able to also quickly and easily identify value-added features and options present on each listed vehicle.

SpinCar CEO and Co-Founder Devin Daly says, “What’s unique about IAA is that’s one customer that comprises 176 US locations, 12 Canadian locations and 10 UK locations, so yes that’s certainly a big deal for us.”

He tells NewsChannel 9 that as more and more of the auction process moves online, vehicle sellers need to find new ways to enable buyers to understand the condition and inherent value of the vehicles that are being offered for sale.

Feature Tour also allows for quick identification, he says, of a particular feature important to that buyer out of the growing list of technologically complex features on each vehicle.

Daly says it can be critical for a buyer when most vehicles have about a five minute bidding time.

“We think Feature Tour is especially important for salvage buyers because a lot of times the vehicle itself isn’t worth that much, it may only be worth 2,000 dollars, but if the entire center cluster is intact that alone could be worth 4 dollars, 5 dollars, 6,000 dollars if they want to rebuild that and put it in another unit,” he adds.

The company also been noticing a spin-off effect from its partnership with IAA.

Daly explains, “So if you’re a purchasing dealer, you’re buying vehicles from IAA you see the experience with a product that has SpinCar versus a vehicle that doesn’t have SpinCar you will often realize how much superior that experience is and call us to for usage on your retail site.”

The company is also selling its products to about 100 local dealers across the country every month and also adding car manufacturers. It’s leading them to grow their staff.

“We are absolutely hiring. We’re looking for customer success managers, we’re looking for salespeople, we’re looking for marketing folks, people on our product team,” he says.

SpinCar is budgeted to add about 35 new hires by the end of this year.

Click here to learn more about SpinCar and job opportunities.

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