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St. Joseph's operating room not closed, some surgeries rescheduled

(WSYR-TV) -- According to a statement from St. Joseph's Health, the operating room has not been closed, but some surgeries had to be rescheduled. 

Earlier in the week, a non-bacterial (mineral) residue was found on some surgical instruments. Although all the medical equipment met the hospital's sterilization standards, the hospital didn't go through with some surgeries while the residue was tested.

"NO patients were exposed to the material. We are working with our Ambulatory Surgery Centers to clean and sterilize any impacted instruments so we can continue to support the network and meet patient needs. The situation with the sterilization process has nothing to do with the safety of our water. Our water management program is keeping our water distribution system safe—including for drinking and patient care.  We take all precautionary safety efforts, like these, very seriously because patient safety is our highest priority," -- St. Joseph's Hospital

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