(WSYR-TV) — Routine, routine, routine! That’s what pediatricians recommend when it comes to a successful and healthy school year.

This routine includes getting a good night’s sleep with a consistent bedtime to help with brain development and learning.

Kids should also have a hearty breakfast every day that includes carbs, proteins, and plenty of fiber. You can try making a vegetable breakfast burrito or a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit.

You can also take your kids to school grounds before it starts to get them acclimated and explain how their routine is changing.

With the CDC loosening rules on COVID-19, you should also teach kids how to stay healthy at school.

“Children are not going to be wearing masks, that’s fairly obvious. Because if the children are sick, they should stay home and probably be seen by their healthcare provider. But other things such as good hand washing and personal hygiene are critically important,” said Dr. Dracker from Summerwood Pediatrics.

Doctors also say some kids may have fallen behind on vaccines from the pandemic. They recommend calling your child’s healthcare provider to make sure they’re all caught up.