SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Syracuse University’s Police Chief and the Syracuse Police Chief were together, moments away from facing our questions about the investigation, when they got word that Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a scathing statement, bashing the Chancellor and his leadership team for not handling these racist incidents in a way that makes the community isn’t confident in.

Below is what the Governor had to say.

“This nation faces many issues, but at the top of the list is the growing racial, ethnic and religious division that attempts to make diversity a weakness rather than a strength.

“We see it all across the nation and even across the great state of New York. Anti-Semitic, anti-African American, anti-Muslim American, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Asian American, anti-Italian American incidents and more have all increased.

“Hate groups like the Proud Boys (better referred to as the Bigot Boys) claimed responsibility for actions in New York City just this week. Our policy must be ‘Zero Tolerance.’

“The hateful activities at Syracuse University are most disturbing, not only to the Syracuse University community, but to the greater community of New York. They have not been handled in a manner that reflects this state’s aggressive opposition to such odious, reckless, reprehensible behavior. That these actions should happen on the campus of a leading New York university makes this situation even worse.

“Despite his efforts, I do not believe Chancellor Syverud has handled this matter in a way that instills confidence. 

“I believe the Board of Trustees of Syracuse University should immediately bring in an experienced monitor with the relevant expertise to effectively investigate these incidents, clearly communicate the facts with the Board and to the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force and recommend a decisive strategy to address both the specific incidents and behavior. In the meantime, I am directing the Task Force to expand their previous investigations to include the recent reports of a white supremacist ‘manifesto’ being digitally disseminated to Syracuse University students in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. “As we have learned repeatedly, these increasing exhibitions of hate and bigotry must be handled strongly, swiftly and justly. That must be both the reality and the perception. Syracuse University and its leadership have failed to do that. It is your obligation to remedy the situation immediately.”