NEW YORK STATE (WSYR-TV) — With the holiday season quickly approaching, you may be thinking about what you are going to get for your kids. 

While many toys are harmless, there are some that pose serious health risks to your children. The state’s public interest research group released its 33rd annual Trouble in Toyland report on Thursday, outlining the dangerous products that are still for sale and tips for parents who are buying for their children. 

“There’s good consumer protection groups like NYPIRG out there, to look out for parents. Hopefully, this report won’t even exist in the future. We’ll just keep fighting to protect families so that no one has to worry about what their children are playing with, and it can just be a safer holiday season,” said Ethan Gormley, Project Coordinator of NYPIRG.

Thursday night’s report in Cortland displayed recalled toys that you should steer clear of, as well as warning signs into what toys to stay away from, including choking hazards, magnets, and loud noise.

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