SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Stone’s Steakhouse on Erie Blvd will be closing its doors on Thursday, October 27, according to its website.

The restaurant is closing due to family health issues, along with rising costs, staffing issues, etc. owner April Stone says.

April Stone says she opened the steakhouse to share her family’s Green Acres Black Angus Beef along with other products from upstate farms.

She continues to say that her intention for the restaurant was to have food prepared by talented chefs, and tremendous wait staff all in an upscale environment.

Below is a message from their website regarding the closing:

Those who know me, know this was a time-limited endeavor. While my brother Mike lovingly worked on the farm, I would operate the restaurant. It was his perfect retirment plan to be out in nature and working with the animals and I just love superior quality food! We have had the farm for 10 years and now Mike’s health prevents him from working the farm any longer. This is the main reason for the time of closing. I could easily state all of the other blatant difficulties that other businesses are now facing including rising costs, staffing issues and supply shortages, etc., but the fact if while we had an amazing time building the farm and restaurant and meeting so many new friends along the way, the time has come to close them down.

April Stone