Update: 10 am Friday – NewsChannel 9 reached out to the National Weather Service in Buffalo Friday morning and was told after discussion with Oswego County Emergency Management, it was determined that the damage produced Thursday afternoon in Phoenix and Granby was consistent with straight-line wind damage.

According to former NewsChannel 9 Chief Meteorologist Dave Longley, it is important to remember that while many people saw signs of rotation Thursday, not all spinning storms produce tornadoes. But those storms can and do produce areas of significant damage.

There were no reports of any tornadoes within the area highlighted by Thursday’s tornado watch.

TOWN OF GRANBY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A family in the Town of Granby suffered damage to their home and car after straight line winds rolled through their neighborhood Thursday evening.

“It got very loud and I looked over to the neighbors house and I couldn’t even see the house. It just got very, almost like I was in a cloud,” says Tim Warner, the home owner, as he was in his car when the storm happened.

Trees fell down in his yard on County Rt. 46, which destroyed the front porch, damaged the back corner of the house, and caused damage to his mom’s van that was in the driveway.

Tim told NewsChannel 9 that after he found out the tree had fallen, “it was pretty intense.”

“The swing set and the trampoline went flying by the window I grabbed his daughter and flew her down the stairs to the basement…I’ve never heard anything so loud in my life,” says Tim’s mother, who was safe in the home, along with Tim’s daughter and father.

Nobody was injured during the storm.

Cells started rolling into the area late in the afternoon as captured by this camera in Oswego.

Shortly after, NewsChannel 9 started to receive video of bad damage in Fair Haven. Take a look at the downed trees at the Fair Haven Beach State Park. (Video by Andrea L Williamson.)