SKANEATELES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Two people are in custody after a string of larcenies in the Village of Skaneateles.

Skaneateles Police arrested an 18 and 19-year-old from Syracuse, connected to at least two car break-ins and one stolen car.

Reports of suspicious activity came in shortly before 3 a.m., on Oct. 17. And then just before 4 a.m., police received a string of larceny calls in the areas of Onondaga, and East Lake Street.

According to the Skaneateles Police Chief Scott Heggelke, there were at least five larcenies in the village this time yesterday morning.

The cars were either stolen or unlocked.

“We have information last night from the people that were caught that they probably attempted to get inside about ten vehicles altogether but they found them to be locked. And again, they did find three that were unlocked and they were successful,” said Chief Heggelke.

The chief added that suspects knew cars in the area would be unlocked, so they went there specifically because of that.

“Whether it’s this community or other communities, the word is out. They know where people leave their vehicles unlocked, and that’s where they keep coming back to. We know for a fact it was stated to us that they came to Skaneateles because they were told that people don’t lock their cars,” he explained.

Police are searching for at least one more suspect.

If you have any information that could help police, give them a call at 315-685-3819.