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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — We all know the challenges that come with learning or working remotely. That’s why Christian Brother’s Academy started a peer academic support group in the beginning of the school year.

The goal of PASS Online is to connect students who are learning fully remote with those still in the classroom. It was created for one simple reason, to keep everyone in the loop and stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students speaking to students, students communicating with students…they get some of the nuances, they might be missing. They get some of the subtly that might be missing and a list of here’s what we did in class today. So, it’s leading with success, and what we’re hearing that’s really, really cool is that it’s helpful to both students…to the helper and to the student who is at home receiving that help.

Steve Garraffo, Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs, Christian Brother’s Academy

For Kami Petrosillo and Lauren Kelly, both upperclassmen at C.B.A., the two know just how important socialization in high school is. That’s why they wanted to lend a helping hand.

“It’s hard, and I’m just trying to do what I can to help some people out,” Petrosillo said enthusiastically.

How students choose to reach out to their partner within the PASS Online program is relatively flexible. They have a choice of connecting via email, phone call or even text whenever they feel is necessary.

The information exchanged is related to lessons covered in class, assignments, activities, assessments and sometimes even what happened in the lunchroom!

What I love is that my partner is comfortable to reach out to me and she knows she can text me even when it’s during the school day, at night like whenever she needs, and she can just reach out if she has anything that she needs to clarify, like I’m always willing to just be there.

Kami Petrosillo, Junior, CBA

Lauren Kelly, a senior at CBA said, “This program allows us to reach out to people who we might not have been friends with beforehand or we might not have talked to beforehand so being able to create those relationships especially senior year, is really important and I think it’s great.”

They’re just two of the students helping one another and continuing to build upon the Christian Brother’s Academy community and motto.

With the success of the PASS Online program, CBA is in the midst of starting up a 100% student-run technology support group for both the students and staff.

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