Students reject university offers, continue protest, says Syracuse University

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SYRACUSE N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – After nearly three days of student protests, Syracuse University leaders said attempts to compromise Tuesday night were unsuccessful.

The protest led by the group #NotAgainSU started Monday afternoon at Crouse-Hinds Hall, a campus administration building.

The group has been unhappy with how the university has handled numerous racist and bias-related incidents on campus dating back to the fall of 2019.

This most recent protest resulted in at least 30 students being placed under interim suspension Tuesday after they refused to leave Crouse-Hinds Hall after it closed Monday.

Despite the threat of suspension, students continued their demonstration Tuesday.

In a statement released early Wednesday morning, the Vice President for Student Experience, Rob Hradsky said the university made three offers hoping to, “find common ground.”

The offers included:

  • Revoke the interim suspension for any student who voluntarily leaves Crouse-Hinds Hall by 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 18.
  • Reiterate their offer to support peaceful protests during Crouse-Hinds Hall’s hours of operation with overnight protests relocating to Bird Library, a 24-hour building that is equipped and staffed to safely handle the influx of students.
  • Schedule a meeting with the group of students on Thursday, Feb. 20, to identify the leaders responsible to address their new and existing concerns, as well as a timeline for meeting dates—with good faith commitment to weekly meetings through the Spring 2020 semester. Thursday’s meeting would have included John Liu, interim vice chancellor and provost; Tony Callisto, senior vice president, and chief law enforcement officer; Amanda Nicholson, interim deputy senior vice present for enrollment and the student experience; and Meredith Davis, associate vice president of student engagement.

After discussing the offers with the students, the university said, all three options were rejected.

#NotAgainSU has been open on social media about their demands and concerns about campus life and claims that Syracuse University Department of Public Safety Officers have restricted food, students and other supplies from exiting and entering the building.

These claims have not been independently substantiated by NewsChannel 9.

“Student demonstrators, currently staging a protest in Crouse-Hinds Hall, are free to leave at any time. In fact, these students have been asked and encouraged, on multiple occasions, to exit the building. Any claim that students are being prevented from leaving Crouse-Hinds Hall is patently false,” said a University Spokesperson.

In a statement Tuesday, #NotAgainSU responded saying, “The administration has not appropriately addressed the 25+ hate crimes that have occurred on campus since November 2019, and they have not addressed student protestors in any way that is reflective of a commitment to equal safety and support.”

The students also released a revised list of demands, which they’ve said they will not compromise on.

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