CAMILLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Back-to-school coverage continues this week, as many students make their way back to the classroom to begin the new school year. Some districts returned on Tuesday, others on Wednesday, or will even later this week. West Genesee Central School District was one of the returning districts on Wednesday.

Summer is over and school is back in session! Students were greeted by the district superintendent and staff as they made their way back into West Genesee High School to begin the new academic year.

Rebecca DeCesare, a high school English teacher at West Genesee was thrilled to welcome students back for another year on Wednesday. DeCesare has been a teacher for 26 years, this year making 25 years in the West Genesee District, and she still gets that feeling of excitement on the first day of school!

“I think every teacher does no matter what, you’re meeting new kids and just trying to get the year off to a good start,” says DeCesare.

DeCesare teaches English to 10th and 12th graders and her classroom is not your average room.

“That’s the most important thing to me, that kids feel safe and comfortable in my classroom,” says DeCesare.

Then the learning happens, says DeCesare.

“Because if you don’t feel safe and you don’t feel welcome and comfortable then you’re not going to get very far,” says DeCesare.

Superintendent David Bills is also thrilled to begin the new school year.

“There’s a sense of calm and a settle feeling that we have this year. It’s more of the known and the less of the unknown,” says Bills.

With that comes some new changes, masking up and getting tested weekly is now optional for students and staff.

Bills added, “Not as visible are some of our systems and schedules that are working for our adults to maximize our ability to serve students. More visible we’re opening a UPK program starting today we’re very excited about that.”

Another change this year students will notice is an increase in school patrol officers. There were three officers last year, and now there will be seven school resource officers from the Camillus Police Department in each building.

“We want to make sure that we’re working with our buildings to make sure that they’re safe, and they are. But also the education piece around internet safety and mental health and the officers will be very prepared and they’ve got so much experience,” says Bills.

West Genesee Central School District is looking for teacher assistants, substitute teachers, employees for custodial work, and school bus drivers.

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