Syracuse University has just been picked as one of only four schools in the U.S. to host a three day workshop in drone journalism this April.

Seating at each seminar site will be limited to 60 participants.

Journalists and journalism educators will get preferential admission. Serious college students are also encouraged to apply.

Dan Pacheco, Chair of the Newhouse Journalism Innovation program at Syracuse University remembers not that long ago when drone journalism was a very abstract idea.

“We had this event and the event was called ‘Drones….For Journalism?’  It was such a weird idea right?” Pacheco tells NewsChannel 9.

Pacheco and former student Kyle Foley, now President of his own drone company called ‘Skyworks Project’, will be part of the workshop.

Kyle Foley, President, Skyworks Project, “Right now its kinda just a neat novelty that news agencies have and once we get to the point where its actually sucking the viewer in, where its way more immersive, that’s when it will be more awesome.”

The workshop is being hosted by S.U. but organized by Google News Lab and some top news industry groups.

Foley says, “Once you have that many people in a room that all have the same goal that’s when you get some really cool innovative ideas.”

Foley and Pacheco showed NewsChannel 9 a collapsible drone with a camera that can be programmed to follow you around using facial recognition.

“While journalism is here to inform you also want to have engaging stories that really interest people and inspire them.”  Pacheco says.

Click here for more information on the Drone Journalism program.