(WSYR-TV) — The 2022 Summer Food Service Program provides around 400,000 kids in the United States with free meals during the summer. The program starts in July, but the exact date at each location varies. In total, 3,000 sites in the United States participate in the program, including several in Central New York.

Lester W. Young, Jr., the program’s chancellor, said that the service is indispensable for young people. “No child should go hungry, and these programs give young people reassurance of when their next meal is coming. Ensuring consistent access to nutritious meals helps children grow and thrive all year long and reduces the stress of food insecurity for many families across New York.”

The New York State Education Department stresses the importance of nutritious food access during the summer break and how proper nutrition lowers risk for disease like anemia and diabetes. They share that the Summer Food Service Program will provide over 20 million nutritious meals to low-income kids under 18 in New York.

There are several of these locations in Central New York. Click each map icon below to see the details on when it starts. For more locations, you can visit the USDA Online Map or call 1 (866) 3-HUNGRY.