SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — For most of us, summer brings barbeques, beaches, and fun. For Upstate’s Clark Burn Center, it means they’ll be seeing more patients.

They treat many injuries related to fireworks and camping.

“We see people bringing in their kids because they’ve been playing with sparklers,” said Tamara Roberts, burn program manager.

Roberts says sparklers can get hotter than 400 degrees, and if they’re tossed to the ground, you may feel that burn long after the fun runs out.

Have a little can of water. Have the kids stick it [sparkler] in there when they’re done that way they’re not exposed to that extensive heat.

Tamara Roberts

So, that’s some sparkler safety. What about camping?

It’s another family favorite summer activity but if you’re not careful, you can end up with an unexpected stop on your way home.

“We get a lot of children that fall into fire pits.”

tamara roberts

If there’s too much alcohol involved, sometimes the adults can make the same mistake.

To avoid it, those at the burn center will tell you to limit your drinking and increase the supervision.

Make sure that the kids are always with an adult. If they’re cooking s’mores or anything like that, make sure they have long sticks and they’re doing it with a parent close by.

Tamara Roberts

If you do get burned, act fast. Cool the burn with cool water (not cold) and cover it with something clean and dry.

“If it’s a smaller burn, then typically a bacitracin or something like that would work,” said Roberts.

If it’s a bigger burn, the Clark Burn Center at Upstate will be ready to help.