One local college is trying to ease the transition for new moms heading back to work. SUNY Oswego has opened nearly a dozen lactation rooms across campus.

For Linda Paris, a mother of two, pumping has become a regular part of her work day, but it wasn’t always easy. 

“You don’t feel safe, you don’t feel secure, you’re feeling very vulnerable,” said Paris.

Linda says she used to have to pump in some unorthodox places.

“My go-to place, as is for many other moms, was to pump in my car. So in the winter time, then you were going out in a blizzard,” said Paris.

So SUNY Oswego added eleven lactation rooms across campus to help make it easier for nursing mothers.

“They’re already worried, they’re stressed, so this is one less thing on their plate. A working mom coming back and there’s available space that’s designated, it’s secure,” said Amy Plotner, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources.

Each of the rooms lock, giving moms the privacy they want and need.

“I mean you’re exposed completely, so you do need to find a place with a closed door where you can lock it, cause if someone comes in, they’re seeing everything,” said Paris.

Changes that make pumping a regular and now simple part of the day.