Some SUNY Oswego students are wrapping up a very memorable Spring Break week where they volunteered on several community projects.

For the first time, the school’s “Alternative Spring Break” included projects in Oswego County as well as projects around the country and Dominican Republic.

One of the projects in Oswego County involved building and installing wheelchair ramps for ARISE.

SUNY Oswego Junior Kahhar Roufai says, “Its been great.  When I installed the ramps, I got to feel kind of a joy that we were changing somebody’s life, making a big impact and I got to connect with people more.”

Roufai and the other seven volunteers who stayed here are not from Oswego County but really wanted to help out in the same community they’re going to school.

“Well one of the first things they told me was that we’d get a chance to explore the town and since I go to Oswego, I was thinking that it would be nice to get to know the area and community service is nice too.”  Roufai says.

Pam Caraccioli, Deputy to the President of SUNY Oswego, tells NewsChannel 9, “The other thing that makes this a little more unique too is this is the first time that our students are serving  alongside some corporate partners including Novelis, Excelon and Oswego County Opportunities, Oswego Health Today.”

She says community service has always been a big part of the mission at SUNY Oswego.

“They leave our institution after four or five years and we hope they land in a community and begin serving in the community they land in.”  She says.

Roufai adds, “The people that are also in the program you kind of become a small family so that’s another great opportunity.” 

SUNY Oswego’s “Alternative Spring Break” also has students volunteering with different organizations in Alabama, Virginia, Texas and the Dominican Republic.