OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — SUNY Oswego announced they will increase safety and surveillance measures on campus following reports of racist incidents in the city of Oswego.

According to SUNY Oswego President Deborah Stanley, the college is investigating a two-week old video which shows someone wearing a KKK-style hood in an Oswego neighborhood. On top of that, SUNY Oswego is also investigating reports of virtual events on campus being “Zoom Bombed” by people making derogatory remarks in the chat. 

As a result of these reported incidents, SUNY Oswego Police are increasing surveillance of the campus and are partnering with the Oswego Police Department to have more patrols within the city of Oswego.

The reports of “Zoom Bombing” are also being investigated. Along with the investigation, President Stanley says SUNY Oswego leaders are working with the school’s technology department to create training for students on how to have secure Zoom events.

In her statement, President Stanley said, “Let me make it absolutely clear; we have zero tolerance for such behavior. We will pursue all appropriate action for violations of the Student Code of Conduct.”