MANLIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — You can’t go far in the Village of Manlius without seeing a symbol of a swan. There are more than two dozen in Mayor Paul Whorrall’s office.

Manny and Faye named after Fayetteville and Manlius. Their history in the village dates back more than a hundred years. The pond originally owned by the foundry S. Cheney and Sons.

“They had two swans,” Whorrall explained. “And they donated the pond to the village with the swans. They’ve been here, I think the swans came here in 1905.”

The loss of 16-year-old Faye and the horrifying circumstances surrounding her death have rocked this community.

“It was very disrespectful, discouraging,” Whorrall said. “Swans are a part of this village.”

Whorrall wasting no time getting new and improved cameras installed.

“These cameras will be different from previous cameras because these are high tech. We’ll be able to live stream the pond here at our office and at our public works office,” Whorrall explained.

Memorial for Faye at the Swan Pond

Unfortunately, the village isn’t immune to people disturbing this peaceful place. In the 90s, a swan was killed and in 2012 eggs were destroyed.

“It’s sad that people do the things they do. We can’t predict that,” Whorrall said.

The cygnets are in the care of Biologist, Mike Bean. He said they are doing well. Bean also said Manny, who is 18-years-old, hasn’t processed this yet but will be in mourning, as swans typically mate for life. There’s a growing memorial at the pond – another reminder of what these swans mean to this community.

Mayor Whorrall said the plan is to reintroduce the cygnets back to the swan pond. Their permit with the DEC goes through 2025.