Syracuse 8-year-old who was rescued from Park Street fire out of the hospital

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Samone Jackson is counting her blessings.

“We did it. He did it, and we’re going to recover,” Jackson said.

Amid the heartache of losing all of their possessions in a fire that destroyed their Park Street home, her son, Or’Eon, is resting with his family after spending eleven days in the hospital.

“Even to have nothing, to still have my family, I’m just so grateful,” Jackson said.

Jackson recalling the terror of the fire that spread so quickly.

“I had to get the kids out of the tub, so I was just throwing them out the window, and my nephew was just saying ‘Auntie, please don’t let the fire get to us,’” Jackson said.

She couldn’t find Or’Eon. He was trapped in his room. 

“He did his part,” Jackson said. “He was yelling, he was letting them know he was still in there and I’m just so grateful.”

Grateful to the Syracuse firefighters who searched through high heat and zero visibility to find her son.

“He said thank you and he appreciates it. I bet mom appreciates them too. More than anything, they don’t even know, they have no idea how thankful I am, so grateful,” Jackson said.

And so grateful to the team at Upstate University Hospital.

“His cough is still a little raspy, and he’s scared that he’s going to have this voice forever,” Jackson said.

Jackson would like to thank the Red Cross for helping out their family, as well as the DoubleTree Hotel, which has given the family a discount while they are staying there.

Or’Eon suffered a burn on his arm, and inhaled in a lot of smoke. He also suffered some mental trauma.

Jackson also said she is eager to meet the Syracuse firefighters who rescued her son and personally thank them.

Jackson’s sister, Kimisha Rashad, has set up a GoFundMe for the family.

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