SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — According to AAA of Western and Central New York, neighbors from the Syracuse area are heading to destination spots for spring break.

Valerie Puma is the Communications Specialist for AAA of Western and Central New York. She says more people are booking air travel this year compared to the last two years.

“Most of the vacations we’re seeing booked for this coming week are destination trips, so whether that’s the Florida beaches or going to Disney or going to the Caribbean or Mexico, definitely we’re seeing a lot of airline tickets and the popularity there,” says Puma.

Despite the price of gas, many families will be driving to their destination. “What we’re seeing is larger families might choose to drive to their destination because buying four to seven airline tickets gets really pricey, really fast. But then on the other hand, many families are travelling to Florida, or they’re going all the way to Mexico, are choosing to fly just because of those time restraints,” Puma shares.

She says to plan ahead whether you’re driving or flying. “Arrive to the airport extra early, even this past week there have been weather delays in Florida that have sent a ripple effect of disruptions, delays, and cancellations through the entire airline industry.”

You can see parking updates at the Syracuse Airport on their Twitter page.