SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The end of New York State’s oldest public housing could be coming within a few years.

A plan has been outlined by the city to completely renovate the public housing projects under I-81 with colorful, modern townhomes. The townhomes will include both low-income and middle-income residents living side by side.

The government provides subsidizing for public housing but over the last 15 years, Syracuse Housing Authority Executive Director, Bill Simmons says the subsidy has gone down making it difficult to manage the properties.

“The federal government they provide subsiding for public housing and over the past 15 years that subsidy has gone down and our ability to maintain these properties really right now is unsustainable.”

– Bill Simmons, Syracuse Housing Authority Executive Director

The project has an estimated cost of $800 million to account for the modern townhomes, updated interiors, appliances, and investment in the community itself.

“We are looking to put some real capital infusion into the properties that are long overdue and we are looking to create a real transformational neighborhood that creates wellness and educational opportunities for residents as well.”

– Bill Simmons, Syracuse Housing Authority Executive Director

The plan has been over ten years in the making and is expected to begin as soon as 2023.

A detailed plan of the “East Adams Street Neighborhood Transformation Plan” can be found on the Syracuse Housing Authority’s website.