SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A local artist from Syracuse teamed up with singer Patti LaBelle to push for improved access to diabetes care. It’s part of the #SeeDiabetes Campaign.

You’ve likely heard of it, but you may not know much about it.

“There is a stigma that is associated with diabetes and you know just not wanting to you know show the monitor. But why is that something we should stray away from,” says Jaleel Campbell, a local artist from Syracuse.

Campbell is hoping to change that through his artwork.

“Last month I was hit up by DexCom because they were interested in having me join this partnership in collaboration with Ms. Patti Labelle where I would be designing one of their DexCom G6 patches,” says Campbell.

That custom patch would be worn by music legend Patti LaBelle for the #SeeDiabetes Campaign. An offer Campbell says he couldn’t refuse.

“Shedding light and also just highlighting and getting people to show off their patches is something that is very important,” says Campbell.

Important, but also personal for Campbell. His father is a diabetic.

Campbell added, “I actually sent my father one of the patches you know it was like a really nice moment.”

Over 20,000 patches were also distrusted globally with thousands of people in the U.S. receiving Campbell’s design. He says this is just the beginning.

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