SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Kadesha Carter loves to bake, so the kitchen is her happy place.

“I can be having a bad day, anything could have been going wrong, and then when I get in the kitchen, nothing else matters,” Carter explained.

Carter started baking cakes as a hobby. She would then would do it for family and friends, eventually, becoming a full-time business making these specialty cakes from scratch. She is self-taught.

Those cakes are a work of art and they take time. “I’m working, maybe doing about four cakes a day, throughout the day,” Carter added, “The weekends are the busiest.”

She wanted more flexibility in her schedule because she loves to travel but also still wanted to share her baked goods, so she opened her Cupcakes R Me vending machine. It’s located inside the lobby of an office building on 404 Oak Street in Syracuse. She picked this spot based on a need she saw.

“They had a vending machine here. One day I was like I’m going to buy something from the vending machine and then it wasn’t here. I already had this idea brewing, so that’s what gave me the idea,” Carter explained.

This week it became a reality and she’s been busy keeping it stocked. There are cupcake vending machines, but Carter said she couldn’t find one dispensing item quite like hers in the state. So, if you have what might seem like a lofty idea, her advice is, “Just go for it.”

A recipe for success.

Carter said she will change up what kind of dessert she was offering. She’s already thinking about a second vending machine.