Syracuse barber advocates for more access to vaccine

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Buzzing is a familiar sound in barbershops. It’s part of what creates a feeling of community here.

“It’s like a neighborhood bar, said Robert Narvaez who is the owner and operator of 4th Quarter Barbershop, “People come here not only to get haircuts. People come here, they speak about their stresses or whatever they have going on in life.”

There’s been a lot to discuss as everyone navigated their way through the pandemic over the last year. Narvaez uses his client’s time in the chair to talk about all of it.

“I’m encouraging people to get the vaccine as well,” he said.

This week, the Biden Administration launching an initiative to do just that. The plan is to work with black owned barbershops and hair salons around the country to provide education and even vaccinations in areas that have gaps in vaccination rates.

“Some people are still afraid, some people are still afraid because they hear so many things.”

Robert Narvaez

He supports this ‘shots at the shop’ initiative. Narvaez said, “Joe Biden is welcome to come here.”

If given the opportunity, he said he would make the 4th Quarter Barbershop available.

“It’s coming from our neighborhoods,” Navaez explained, “We are, so to speak, a product of our environment. So, if we’re spreading the news, why not get it.”

It’s all part of his team’s mission to give back. He said, “Sometimes we set up barbecues to feed the homeless.”

He’s even given free hair cuts to students going back to school. Whether it’s part of the president’s initiative or one of his own, the end result helps make the community better, in the shop and beyond.

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