Syracuse Chiefs to host 1st ever event at NBT Bank Stadium

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For the first time ever the Syracuse Chiefs will use NBT Bank Stadium to host professional wrestling.

Tickets are now on sale for “Big Time Wrestling” featuring WWE Hall of Famer Sting along with Scott Steiner and others August 12th.

Now in his 4th year as Syracuse Chiefs General Manager Jason Smorol says the time was finally right to host more than just baseball at the stadium.

“We had to first fix baseball and now that we are solidifying our baseball here, the main tenant at the stadium, now we can expand into different avenues and arenas.”  Smorol tells NewsChannel 9.

Fellow International League member the Pawtucket Red Sox hosted this event last year with a good deal of success Smorol says.

“It’s a niche event and its going to be a lot of fun, something different to use this stadium for something other than baseball.”

The ring will sit right on top of home plate and then seats will be added around it and on the warning track in front of the backstop.  People will also be able to sit in the first level of the grandstands between first base to third base.

Smorol says, “We don’t need to fill the stadium for this to be a successful event, we’re really looking for about two to three thousand people.”

It was the Summer of 2009 when the ballpark hosted any major non-baseball events.

NBT Bank Stadium held two concerts featuring Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp and a second with the Dave Matthews Band.

Smorol says with the Lakeview Amphitheater now in existence the Chiefs and the stadium are out of the major concert business.

“It doesn’t mean we can’t have smaller concerts, it doesn’t mean we can’t do more events like the Brewfest, like the wrestling, different events maybe something more wintertime that’s not directly getting on the field.”  He says.

Click here for the Chiefs website and ticket information.

Also, you can click here to go directly to the “Big Time Wrestling” website which includes Meet and Greet tickets.

Admission tickets can also be purchased at NBT Bank Stadium.

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