SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Syracuse Citizen Review Board (CRB) has announced they will be conducting a thorough independent investigation into the Saturday morning use of force incident involving the Syracuse Police Department.

The Syracuse Police Department (SPD) is also conducting a standard use of force investigation into the incident that happened early Saturday morning, January 28 in Armory Square.

After national news involving the violent use of force in Memphis that resulted in the death of Tyre Nichols, CRB and SPD are both reviewing evidence and continuing their investigations.

The incident happened around 1:40 a.m. Saturday, January 28 when officers working in Armory Square investigated larceny with a disturbance at Nick’s Tomato Pie in Armory Square and used force with a female subject who was being arrested.

After the use of force, the woman was transported to the Onondaga County Justice Center and treated by an AMR Ambulance that transported her to Upstate Hospital for further treatment. 

She was arrested and issued an appearance ticket for various charges at the hospital. 

On Monday, January 30, SPD held a briefing to explain the work that had been done in this investigation including showing surveillance video from cameras and body-worn cameras by police officers. 

CRB has stated they will review all the following evidence:

  • Body-worn camera footage in its entirety
  • Bystander footage
  • COPS Camera footage
  • Footage from Nick’s Tomato Pie
  • Other camera footage in the surrounding areas of Nick’s Tomato Pie
  • Medical records
  • Evidence technician photos
  • Family photos
  • Police reports
  • Use of force reports
  • Officer statements
  • Officer disciplinary records
  • 911 audio and data sheets, etc.

CRB urges any witnesses to provide detailed statements and video footage to their
Office for review during their independent investigation.

CRB also stated they will look at the totality of the circumstance and make an informed decision on the matter based upon their current legislation.

“It is our mission to build trust between the community and the police through accountability and true transparency. We will attempt to answer all inquiries into this matter after a thorough independent investigation,” said CRB in a statement.

Regarding the Memphis incident involving the death of Tyree Nichols, CRB said this type of police culture needs to change.

“Until the culture of a police department actively implements these policies, not simply saying there is a rule in place, we will never see a change,” said CRB in another statement.