SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- On Monday, the Syracuse Common Council decided to take action when it comes to the illegal sale of marijuana, which common councilors say has been an issue.

Common councilors say they haven’t received much guidance from the state since the recreational use of marijuana was legalized. Common Councilor for District 2, Patrick Hogan said not having guidance has resulted in the illegal sale of marijuana.

“The pop-ups are a real issue, they’re really destabilizing the neighborhoods where it happens and nobody knows about it until it does happen,” says Hogan. “I visited one after it happened in one of the neighborhoods I represented, I was stunned and a little appalled because there was heavy security there and people were wearing firearms.”

A law passed on Monday would allow the city to stop the sales by giving them more control to fine them or shut them down. Councilor Chol Majok said the code enforcement department will have more control when it comes to punishment for illegal sales.

Councilors also approved an amendment to an ordinance that deals with troublesome businesses, adding penalties if they violate the cannabis law.

“I think this will abate a lot of the problem,” Councilor Hogan adds. “I think this will because we’re talking about points being put, closing up buildings, and civil fines there could be involved here too.”

A resolution was also passed asking the state to enforce the cannabis law.