SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Even though there’s not much snow on the ground, there’s enough to keep Syracuse DPW Crews working around the clock.

Whether it’s snowing or not, salt is no stranger to Syracuse DPW Crews, even during these frigid temperatures.

“We’re not getting the heavy snowfall but we’re getting a lot of blowing,” said Tom Ely, Superintendent of Snow and Ice for the City of Syracuse DPW.

With that comes drifting, and it could make for a messy and dangerous drive.

“We have certain areas that drift more than others and we try to stay on top of them,” said Ely.

That means putting in the hours. Plow crews got to work on Thursday night, and haven’t stopped since then. Crews have been loading up their trucks and treating roads throughout the city.

“We try to keep them clear, wet, salted and safe,” said Ely.

Ely said if you’re going to be traveling on the road, one way you can help out DPW crews is by parking legally.

“That’s the biggest problem in the city especially up in the SU area tends to be hard to get down the streets and a lot of hills, we can’t get down them. Once you get behind it’s hard to play catch up,” said Ely.

Salt is the only thing Syracuse DPW crews use when it comes to treating city roads. Despite the temperatures being dangerously cold, the salt still works. But not immediately, that’s why DPW encourages drivers to be careful and always use caution.