Syracuse DPW using break from snow and ice to fix potholes

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The Syracuse DPW is using the break from the winter weather to fix as many potholes as it can before the snow returns.

A crew was out Monday filling in as many potholes as it could using dump truck, asphalt and shovels.

Tuesday the department will start using at least one of its special DuraPatch trucks designed specifically to fix potholes.

Syracuse DPW Deputy Commissioner Ann Fordock says, “We want to fix them as we learn about them, very promptly, get them fixed.”

Baris Salman is a Professor of Practice in the Syracuse University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

He tells NewsChannel 9 that wear and tear can cause cracks and that’s where the problems really start, especially in this climate.

“And once that water finds its way through the asphalt layer, it starts weakening the lower layers.  And also as a result of freezing temperatures, water freezes obviously it expands in volume and causes frost heave,” Salman says.

He adds that, “The salt itself is not really detrimental to the asphalt pavement itself but what it does is lower the freezing temperature of water and this may result in artificial freeze thaw cycles to occur.”

The City is fixing potholes year round, though Fordock says it is obviously weather dependent.

“So we can only do it when we can do it so that means when there’s no snow and we need the residents to let us know about it so we can go out there check it and fix them,” Fordock tells NewsChannel 9.

The City DPW is trying out a new style of cold mix to fill potholes that is much longer lasting than what used to go in the holes.

That material didn’t adhere very well to the pothole and was a very temporary fix.

What’s being used now is a little more expensive but cost effective because of its longevity.

Fordock says, “They’re out as often as they can but obviously this week we’re going to hit ’em hard.”

The City encourges residents to report potholes to Cityline:

·         Click here to report Online at

·         Or Call 315-448-CITY (2489)

·         Or E-mail

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