SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The biggest Syracuse Football fan tailgate is taking its show on the road this weekend…into enemy territory.

Mark Cupelo and Mark Bradwick helped organize the newly named Syra-Cruz tailgate which is named after Enrique Cruz, a freshman on the football team.

The tailgate has been a huge success and has grown not only in size, but in excitement as the team continues to win.

“A lot of us knew that this team was going to be better than the experts were saying we were going to be,” Bradwick said, “So most of us are saying we got a good chance to win seven or eight games this year. We thought that. We didn’t think we’d start off six and zero.”

Now they are following the 6-0 orange to Death Valley which has been on their bucket list for years.

“Never been to Clemson, never been to Death Valley,” Cupelo said, “It’s kind of one of those bucket list places that you’ve certainly got to experience at least once. So we’re really looking forward to it.”

Each season they pick one away game to drive to and one to fly to and since the Clemson game is their fly-to game, they have to make it count.

“I’ve got three grills lined up, coolers,” Bradwick said, “We do hamburgers, Hoffman cones, and then also, like, I order premade sandwiches through local supermarkets too.”

“We’ll set up Saturday morning,” Cupelo said, “People that are bringing equipment in the grills and everything are targeting to get there about 7:30, right before sunrise.”

The best thing about this year for them has been being able to see all the SU fans come out of the woodwork, not just in Central New York, but around the country.

“What it’s showing me is there’s a vast network of Syracuse fans out there that have suffered through 20-25 years of subpar football and they’re just coming out of the woodwork right now,” Bradwick said.

“Literally, I’m having 100 people at this tailgate and I easily could have had 200. I had to unfortunately turn away some people because I can only handle so much at an away game.”