Syracuse has five ‘large seizures’ of fireworks as city continues to crackdown

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The City of Syracuse is seeing some results in the crackdown on illegal fireworks that have plagued all parts of the city for the last several weeks.

In a video conference on Monday, the city announced that it is handed out 14 tickets to people for either possessing illegal fireworks for setting them off.

With help from the community, the city announced it also has had five “large seizures” of illegal fireworks. The city announced that it included a “U-Haul” of fireworks that were seized.

There have been hundreds of complaints, according to the city.

Syracuse Police and members of the Syracuse Fire Department have been patrolling areas where fireworks have been going off in an effort to try to deter people from doing so.

Mayor Ben Walsh says even in years that aren’t as active, there are injuries to people and property damage from fireworks.

Throughout Central New York, there are now 11 places where people can get legal fireworks, according to the city. Tents have been popping up in parking lots in other places that oftentimes read “fireworks” on the top of the tent.

NewsChannel 9 went in and purchased items from one of these test to see what they are like. What we found where that these so-called fireworks are all either handheld or ground based sparklers that are deemed legal in New York State.

Sparkling devices are ground-based or handheld devices that produce a shower of colored sparks and or a colored flame. They do smoke and make noise.

This problem has proven to not be exclusive to just the city. New York State announced on Monday the New York State Police will have designated Troopers who monitors the border of New York and Pennsylvania for illegal fireworks. The Governor’s office, the Onondaga County Executive’s Office, and the City of Syracuse all point to Pennsylvania as a primary source of illegal fireworks. Advertisements for fireworks in Pennsylvania have been seen on billboards along 690 West and other places.

The City of Syracuse has put out a list of what is deemed legal and illegal.


  • Cone fountains (ground-based)
  • Cylindrical Fountains (ground-based)
  • Snappers
  • Wooden Sparklers/Dipped Sticks
  • Party Poppers


  • Sky Rockets
  • Bottle Rockets
  • Missile-type Rockets
  • Helicopters
  • Serial Spinners
  • Roman Candles
  • Firecrackers
  • Aerial Spinners
  • Mines
  • Shell Devices
  • Aerial Shell Kits
  • Reloadables
  • Ground Chasers

“The most basic way we put it is anything that goes in the air and goes ‘boom’ is illegal,” said Ben Walsh, Mayor of the City of Syracuse.

Here’s a link for more laws regarding fireworks in New York State

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