SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The Syracuse Fire Department Haz-Mat team was called to help the Solvay Fire Department with a possible hazardous materials fire at the Chemtrade Logistics Facility in Solvay on Sunday, Oct. 15.

Solvay fire units first arrived on the scene around 1:36 p.m. and found at least two dumpsters with chemical products inside of them that were on fire, producing large amounts of orange smoke. The dumpsters were outside of one of the buildings at the complex located at 24 Industrial Drive.

Solvay Fire Department Chief Chris Maestri said sodium nitrate was the chemical that caused the orange smoke. The DEC’s Spill Response experts — who also responded to the call — say this food-grade chemical is a product used as a preservative. 

A photo of the smoke can be seen below:

orange smoke

Courtesy of Solvay Fire Department

The dumpsters burning were both 40-yard dumpsters, and the fire was spreading to a third. Solvay firefighters began spraying large amounts of water on the fire to contain it and used the reverse 911 system to warn residents in the area to shelter in place.

After roughly 45 minutes, Syracuse and Solvay firefighters extinguished the blaze, and the orange smoke began to dissipate. No injuries occurred to civilians or fire personnel.

Air monitoring at the scene confirmed there was no further hazard, and Solvay firefighters used the reverse 911 system to put an end to the shelter in place.

On Monday, Oct. 16, DEC’s Spill Responders said they determined that all water and solid material runoff was contained to the site and was properly disposed of. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Syracuse Fire Department.