Syracuse Label and Surround Printing is already outgrowing its 2-year old home in North Syracuse.

The company continues to grow so fast the plan is to expand by about one-third in the Spring.

It’s a far cry from the small printing operation that started about 50 years ago in a Liverpool garage.

Syracuse Label and Surround Printing President Kathy Alaimo says, “All of our workforce has grown up here, they’re all local, Central New York residents and together we’ve been able to learn and grow in this industry and make our mark.”

The company makes labels for products in almost every sector including food and beverage, household, cosmetics and pharmacuetical.

Almost 100 people are working for the company, which is running two shifts at 10 hours a piece nearly every day.

With brand recognition more critical than ever on crammed store shelves the company is doing all it can to make the products of its customers around the world stand out.

Paul Roux , Vice President of Development for Syracuse Label and Surround Printing, says, “Everybody wants to be different, so everybody’s trying something else.”

Alaimo says its not just catchy designs clients are sending them to replicate on packages of all shapes and sizes it is also what they want their labels to say too.

“Nutrition facts play a huge part now on labeling, as well as bar codes.  When you go to the grocery store you see how much they’re using a bar code to scan, so I think its becoming much more intuitive, a label, you see a lot more features on them, coupons and things like that that didn’t used to be,” she tells NewsChannel 9.

Syracuse Label itself underwent a sizeable change nearly a decade ago when it became completely employee owned.

Alaimo says, “Being the leader of that type of an organization, that type of culture is very rewarding because they’ve always got my back, they’re always here, we’re in it together as a group to make this company successful.”

And Syracuse Label is looking to hire for some current job openings and plans to add at least another 10 positions in the next few years.

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