(WSYR-TV) — NewsChannel 9 is learning more in the case against Albert Ciarpelli, the Syracuse man who was arrested on Wednesday for attending the Capitol riots.

At first, through his lawyer, Ciarpelli admitted being at the protest but denied going into the Capitol building. When pressed by agents with images of a man appearing to be Ciarpelli, he admitted to following a group of people who broke through the crowd and went up to the entrance of the Capitol, noticing a door wide open with some broken glass.

Ciarpelli then “did something that he knew he should not have, and made his way into the building.” He told agents he considered his time in the Capitol to be a “little adventure” as he walked around taking pictures.

Only when Ciarpelli found himself next to protestors more aggressive and worked up — some dressed in paramilitary gear and the bare-chested man with a fur hat and horns — did he decide to leave the way he came in.

The next morning when thinking back on what happened, Ciarpelli said that he was out of his mind and had never done anything like that before.

Ciarpelli now faces two federal misdemeanors.

You can read the full criminal complaint against Ciarpelli below.