SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — According to the Syracuse Police Department, chief of police Kenton T. Buckner is a finalist for a position as chief of police in Olympia, Washington.

The chief executive officer of the Syracuse Police Department said in a statement,

“Citizens of Syracuse,  I am writing to inform you I have been named a finalist for the Chief of Police position in Olympia, WA. In the interest of protecting the integrity of the process, I will not be making public comments about the matter. However, I do feel it is appropriate you hear the news directly from me rather than a news article. I will keep you abreast of any significant decisions in the future. While participating in the process,  I remain fully focused and committed to my responsibilities as the Chief of Police in Syracuse. Thanks.”

Chief Kenton Buckner

Chief Buckner’s duties include being the final authority in all matters of department policy, operations, and discipline.

Mayor Walsh addressed Chief Buckner’s participation in the search in a statement issued on March 11.

“Chief Buckner informed me recently that he had been approached and agreed to enter a chief of police search in Olympia, Wash. His communication reflects the open conversation about his career that we have had throughout his tenure. Chief Buckner serves the City of Syracuse honorably and has earned a national reputation as a highly-competent and effective police chief. I have always recognized there would be a time when he would consider other opportunities. I accepted this notification with a clear understanding between us and a commitment from Chief Buckner that his focus, first and foremost, will be on his duties to the Syracuse Police Department and the people of this City. I have complete confidence that for as long as he is our chief, he will serve this city with excellence.”

Mayor Ben Walsh