SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A heartwarming ceremony was held to honor the incredible career of Captain John Brennan, who has been with the Syracuse Police department since he was appointed a police trainee in October 1969. That means he’s been on the force for 50 years

Brennan, who worked his way up the ranks, worked in patrol and criminal investigations and is now Syracuse’s longest active city employee.

“Obviously being here less than a year and you come here and they tell you well there’s this 50 year captain guy that works here for the department, you think you’re going to meet some guy that comes in and out and maybe you’re going to have to wake him up to let him know he’s still at work or something like that, but anybody that knows anything about Brennan knows that he’s hands-on, he’s engaged, when you give him something, you can turn around and walk away from it because it’s going to get done,” said Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner.

“Its always been an honor to put this uniform on every day. Every morning when I put this on, I stop at the mirror and just look at it for a minute to make sure I look sharp and mainly just how honored I was that the city gave me the honor of putting it on,” Brennan said.

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