Syracuse Police postpone planned fall academy; recruiting goes virtual for next class of officers

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the Syracuse Police Department to postpone its planned fall police academy.

The Department says it does not have a new date right now, but they say recruiting continues.

Syracuse Police Sgt. Matt Malinowski explains they’ll need to be ready when the academy can happen.

“We have to continue to hire because we’re always losing people out for retirement,” he tells NewsChannel 9.

SPD is now doing its recruiting virtually, primarily through social media, because they can’t do their usual in-person events to find good candidates.

“But there’s always an opportunity for them to reach out to us to and we can start to groom you on what it’s going to take to be a police officer, letting you know the physical agility requirements,” Malinowski explains.

He says many people can do well, even ace the written test, but the fitness portion is usually what causes them to have to reject candidates.

“I’m telling you we lose an overwhelming majority of candidates because of the lack of physical fitness. If you think you’re going to be able to get into condition for this weeks before it’s not going to happen, you have to prepare now,” he explains.

SPD recruiters are really trying to take this time to help people understand what it really means to be a police officer in the City of Syracuse, may not be what you think.

Malinowski says,”Everyone thinks all we do is arrest people and take people to jail but that’s a very small percentage of what we do. The majority of what we do is help people in non-criminal ways.”

If you are thinking about a career with Syracuse Police reach out to them through their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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