SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It used to be home to the Syracuse Developmental Center. In the 1970s, it was a home for children and adults with developmental disabilities. It closed in 1998.

A huge property with 47 acres of land that has become a massive eyesore with some help from arsonists, vandals, and thieves.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh said, “Our feeling was if we were going to own the problem, we might as well really own the problem.”

The city now owns it, seizing the property, which owes more than $887,000 in back taxes and fees dating back to 2015. The listed owner is Syracuse Development LLC, but the mayor says it’s never been clear who really owns the tax delinquent property.

“Regardless of who the owner was, we give them every opportunity to pay their taxes,- to do what every responsible property owner should do,” Walsh said. “They didn’t do it, and we’re taking action.”

They’re putting up gates now and will e boarding up the windows. The city has spent around $50,000 just securing the site and now comes the task of what to do with the massive property in the heart of the city.

The mayor says the property won’t go up on the auction block. The city will redevelop it and seek public input. There is no word yet on when that public input period will be,  but we’ll keep you posted.

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