Syracuse Tech Garden startup Tonquin emerges as the DoorDash of auto parts

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Tonquin, a startup at the Syracuse Tech Garden, is disrupting the automotive parts delivery industry as it’s existed for years.

The company says its solution helps repair shops get parts quicker and takes a tremendous burden off auto parts suppliers.

Tonquin was founded about three years ago by Jeff Lyman, owner of Jeffrey’s Auto Body in North Syracuse, and his son Jeffrey.

With Jeffrey set to join the family business out of college, he noticed the inefficiencies with this part of his father’s business.

“He started spending some time there, looking at the whole operation in a different light than I probably do,” Jeff Lyman tells NewsChannel 9.

Jeffrey’s Auto Body gets about five to 10 deliveries from different auto parts companies every day, much the same way as other repair shops.

Jeffrey Lyman tells NewsChannel 9, “Getting a part to your customer in under a certain time became the norm and they had to do it, so we’re coming in as finally a solution to that, kind of removes some of those headaches and day to day logistics of these companies.”

His father adds “It’s saving the company money in gas, insurance, employment taxes, payroll, you name it. Any costs there is to deliver that part is taken on by Tonquin’s platform.”

They say much the same way a company like DoorDash picks up food and delivers it to people, Tonquin performs this service with auto parts.

“With Tonquin there can be seven or eight of our drivers in that local area ready to pick it up in minutes,” Jeff Lyman says.

Jeffrey Lyman adds, “If there’s a part at this one store we need a driver there ready to get it all times of the day.”

He worked hard with a tech company to develop a platform easy to use on both ends.

“Ease of use is one of our biggest selling points and we decided that because, from our experience. We know the people working at the counters at these auto parts stores, at the dealerships, they’re busy people so this has to be less than a minute process to get that shipment out, to get someone there,” Jeffrey Lyman tells NewsChannel 9.

They say the quicker repair shops can get parts, the faster they can get vehicles back to their customers.

Now, with Tonquin growing they need more drivers.

Jeffrey Lyman says, “That’s the beauty of these apps is they’re not constricting you to work for just one app. You are your own boss, you can work as many apps as you want, you can take the orders you want and you can drive up your own revenue the way you want. You kind of have to have a few apps running at the same time to run a profit as a driver so it’s a very typical thing in the driver world.”

Tonquin is already operating in Syracuse and Rochester and has plans to add another major metro area in the fourth quarter.

Click here to learn more about Tonquin and opportunities to drive for the company.

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