SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The same place where racist graffiti was first discovered on the Syracuse University campus last week has been targeted again. Racial slurs were found on the third floor of Day Hall on Thursday night.

This incident comes just hours after a swastika was found etched in the snow on Comstock Avenue.

The fourth incident of racist graffiti in just over a week, tarnishing the place students call home.

“I would say I do feel safe, but at the same time, I feel uneasy at times just because I don’t necessarily know how the people around me view me,” said Edwin Duke, a sophomore at Syracuse University.

The first instance of racist graffiti coming out of Day Hall last week where DPS says someone went onto the fourth and six floors of the residence hall, writing racial slurs over the bathroom. One person we spoke with who lives there said since then, she feels unsafe living there.

“It just makes me uncomfortable to even be in Day sometimes,” said Alexa Delacruz, who lives in Day Hall.

Now, Day Hall is the center of yet another investigation. Graffiti targeting Asian Americans was found on the third floor on Thursday night. And some who live here are concerned this could get worse before it gets better.

“I honestly think they should put cameras, maybe not in like the actual hallways with the staircases and the lounges, so you could see who’s coming in and out,” Delacruz said.

Delacruz isn’t the only student pushing for change. Some of her classmates are part of a sit-in at the Barnes Center. Others are working to start conversations about the importance of inclusion.

“It’s my school and I care about it. So I hope we can do better so I feel sad about it,” said Giotian Chen, a junior at Syracuse University.

In the face of such hatred, students are also seeing the best in others, committed to making their second home feel safe once again.

“Just a lot of anxiety a lot of sadness. But at the same time, everyone’s just trying to keep their heads up. Everyone’s trying to keep positive,” Duke said.

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