Syracuse’s United Radio nearly a century old and still growing

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United Radio in East Syracuse is nearly a 100 years old and busier than ever.

The company President says they could use another 20 to 25 workers right now to handle all the orders they get every day.

It is a far cry from the business that started in the City of Syracuse back in 1923.

United Radio President Phil Rubenstein says, “You were in the store quite often because in 1923 your radio didn’t plug into the wall of your house, it was all run off battery, so you had to buy batteries, you had to buy tubes, you needed things repaired.”

Rubenstein’s grandfather started United Radio with a partner and one worker.

At that time United Radio was servicing customers, but as radios evolved and other electronics like television came on the scene the business changed its model.

“And started to do a little more work coming in through the back door rather than a customer bringing us their radio,” Rubenstein tells NewsChannel 9.

United Radio started working with more companies than customers, which is on full display in the three divisions the company operates today.

Jim Fitzgerald, General Manager at United Radio, says, “So if you’re a Sony customer, our job is to keep you in a Sony product for life.”

United Radio is currently Sony’s only service center in the entire United States, a business operation brought back from Mexico in 2014.

The Automotive division repairs almost anything that runs off the battery in the car for any Chrysler dealer in 140 countries around the world, as well as similar systems for car manufacturers around the globe including well-known companies like BMW and Mercedes.

United Radio is also one of two service centers that handle these products for Ford.

Rubenstein says, “It’s really been a deliberate growth from local to regional to national and now international.”

The company is also one of only two service centers for Nintendo.

It also started in August 2015 servicing drones, whether in need of repairs or fixes for glitches.

“We have families that are also three generations strong working for United Radio and we are a family that looks out for each other, looks out for our community,” Rubenstein adds.

Click here if you want to explore how to join the family at United Radio.

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