WARNERS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Sysco and members of Teamsters Local 317 reached an agreement on Friday to end the recent strike.

The union telling NewsChannel 9 that a new deal with the company had been approved by workers. Among the highlights, a $7-an-hour increase for drivers over the next five years. This includes a $6-an-hour increase for those who work in the warehouse.

The union expects workers to be back on the job this Sunday.

In a statement to NewsChannel 9, a Sysco spokesperson saying,

Sysco Syracuse is pleased that our driver and warehouse colleagues, represented by Teamsters Local 317, have voted to ratify a new labor contract today. We’re gratified that our represented employees were given a chance to vote on our proposal and use their voice to bring the strike to an end.

We’re proud to have a new contract in place that provides our delivery partner and warehouse colleagues the industry-leading pay they deserve while positioning Sysco Syracuse for continued growth and success.

Thank you to our employees, our amazing customers, and to our community for their support during the strike.  We are looking forward to getting our best-in-class staff back to work and returning our focus to servicing our customers and community.

Shannon Mutschler, Sysco spokesperson