SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)- Thousands of people come from all over to see some of the most unique cars in the country.

Lynn Shedd, her life partner, and her puppies, Sugar and Spice traveled all the way from Massachusetts to see all the cars in the Syracuse Nationals. “This stays with me, it does, it just stays with me,” said Shedd. “Watching the people and how much they enjoy it and I love to see the younger people loving these cars because I would hate to see this die.”

Karen Ciotti, her husband, and daughter Lisa came from their home in Baldwinsville to watch the cars drive into the Ramada Inn. “It’s Eclectic, is the best way to say it. There are people that come with their kids, and their grandfather has a car here so they come and they’re very proud of their family who worked so hard restoring their classic car,” said Ciotti.

She says this also helps put Central New York on the map. “It brings in the hometown, the small town and everybody is just friendly and nice and accommodating,” Ciotti added. “This show introduces people to Central New York and what I have to offer.”