SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Just as the name suggests, the Taste New York exhibit at the New York State Fair allows folks to try out different food and drink products locally made in the state of New York.

For some vendors, it’s a chance to show off a family recipe, like brother and sister Denise Longtin and Mike Picciano.

“It’s our family recipe,” Longtin said, “So we really wanted to share the love with everybody else that you can get when you bring people around a table.”

They have been coming out to the fair for two years now, while Ron Von Perlstein is just a bit more familiar, but the family roots run just as deep.

“Geulah’s was actually a mothers day gift right here for my mom,” he he said, “It’s something we’ve been doing for 15 years with new york state being a pride of new york company.”

The Taste of New York exhibit features food and drink from 9 different regions of the state from right here in central New York all the way down to Long Island, and all the food is sourced in the state.

“Everything made in new york is a great thing the produce from new york,” Von Perlstein said, “So like the tomatoes used in our spicy tomato spread.”

No matter where in the state it comes from, however, the vendors do it for the same reason.

“That is the best part to see people’s reactions,” Picciano said, “Because they come and they’re not sure what to expect and then they try it and they love it.”

“Just all the people that are here.” Von Perlstein said, “So you develop a friendship and you see the same people year after year coming through. We have clients that say we were looking for you, we couldn’t wait for you to be here.”