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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — One of Syracuse’s hottest tech companies, TCG Player, is growing and looking to hire.

TCG Player is like Amazon or eBay, but for strategy card games like Magic The Gathering.

The young company moved into a large part of The Galleries in Downtown Syracuse just last summer.

The fulfillment center there is in operation almost 24 hours a day, every day of the year, except major holidays.

From the fulfillment center, TCG Player workers move thousands and thousands of Magic The Gathering game cards.

Cailee Garm, Vice President of Human Resources for TCG Player, explains, “People are going out to our platform and they are looking for specific cards to build decks.  They’re playing in tournaments all around the world so they’re looking for very specific cards to complete their decks so they can go and win in these tournaments.”

They also go to their platform to find cards to play for fun or even just to collect their favorite cards.

It all started a few years ago as a simple website content forum for Magic fans.

“They realized it was getting so much attention and so much traffic that wouldn’t it be amazing if when people were reading the content on our site if they could also click a button and purchase what they’re reading about and that’s really how all of this started,” Garm tells NewsChannel 9.

The fulfillment center only handles Magic The Gathering Cards, one order form could be several cards pulled from just as many stores or collectors around the country.

TCG Player does all the work to get orders filled and delivered to customers in a day or two.

The company’s online marketplace is a virtual fulfillment center for many strategy card games.

Garm says, “These game stores don’t have a way to reach other people that aren’t in an area where they are.  And they run the risk of having to lay off some of their employees or closing their stores and we’re that outlet for them that allows them to reach every person that wants to buy their cards all across the country.”

This is only part of the story, TCG Player prides itself on the culture it creates for its approximately 250 employees.

“Everything from our community involvement, are commitment to people’s personal and professional development. Things like our work-life balance and the fact that we have unlimited paid time off because we want people to take time off with their families, enjoy their lives,” Garm says.

Their new workspace in Downtown Syracuse includes a castle theme to welcome workers to the office.

Workers can choose to work in the video game themed room, the wizard-themed room, the starship themed room or the pirate ship room.

Garm explains, “The whole reason we built this was so people would feel the creativity and want to be part of it.”

She adds that workers don’t have to be strategy card game players to work at TCG Player but simply know the internet, know consumers, and need to be able to know what people want and what they need.

“Most importantly we just really wanted this to be a place people wanted to come every single day, look forward to coming to every single day,” Garm tells NewsChannel 9.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about possible careers at TCG Player and other information about the company.

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