(WSYR-TV) — The teen charged with killing an 84-year-old former schoolteacher has pled guilty to her murder. 

The teen stabbed Eva Fuld at her apartment in Grant Village back in January. The teen pled guilty to four charges, including second-degree murder. The teen is facing 5-years-to-life in prison, and a maximum of 9-years-to-life, which means the teen could be paroled before turning 20 years old. 

“(The teen) is in a class known as a juvenile offender, but will be transferred to an adult facility at 18 and (the) conviction will be public record,” Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick told NewsChannel 9 via email. 

Last May, the indictment revealed gruesome details about Fuld’s murder in January. Detectives say she was cut and stabbed 43 times after the teen forced their way into her home.  

After Fuld was killed, her personal belongings were stolen along with her car. It is believed she was murdered on January 21, but not found until several days later.