SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Once upon a time, there was a library that was looking to turn the page on a whole new world and to find new ways to bring in new patrons. Around this time of year, that means stocking up for Halloween.

For the last few years, the Betts Branch Library on South Salina Street in the Valley has been collecting donations for their Costume Closet to make sure everyone has a chance to Trick or Treat.

“Sometimes there might be a financial issue, or there might be a scheduling issue why people might not be able to get costumes. So this Costume Closet is a great opportunity just for people to come in and get costumes,” Colette Goldstein said.

Colette Goldstein is the Betts Branch’s newest librarian, and the Costume Closet is her first assignment, which could not have been a better fit.

“When I was a kid, me and my dad made costumes together, so one year, I was a bowl of salad,” Goldstein said. “My name is Colette, so they called us ‘Colettuce.’ And I was a big bowl of salad, and I loved it. I loved Halloween because me and my dad would just get creative on our costumes.”

Colette thinks the library is a perfect place to find inspiration for costumes. They have stack after stack of inspiration in books and videos for all ages and all interests.

“A lot of people use Halloween costumes and throw them out. They just kind of go to waste. So this was a great opportunity to get old or gently used Halloween costumes and put them to use again,” Goldstein said.

The library will bring out all the costumes they have collected on Saturday, Oct. 21, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Everything is free to keep, and you don’t even need a library card. If you can’t make it out then, the lending continues right through Halloween.

And the closet doesn’t even close after that.

“All of November, we will be taking donations for this same Costume Closet next year,” Goldstein said.

You can call the Betts Branch Library for more information on the Costume Closet at 315-435-1940.