Tell me Something Good: Cicero-North Syracuse marching band at Malta House

NORTH SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) — This has been a strange year for everyone. But a band bands together. And for most of this year, like the rest of us, the Cicero-North Syracuse Marching Northstars have been held apart.

“Some kids were learning at home and some kids were learning at school, so we really didn’t have the opportunity to be the band that we normally are and have concerts and perform,” said CNS Marching Band Director Karen Seamans.

So, as the school year draws to a close, the band has taken every opportunity to be together. Not really marching, but sauntering into place to air it out a couple of evenings at local senior living centers, like Malta House.

“This is a group of close friends and it’s their team,” said Seamans. “So, it’s been really rough for them. So this return to at least some normalcy is great for all of us, really.”

You can’t really call these dates “concerts.” More like an evening out. Casual gatherings among friends. No competition. And really, the only judges could not have been more generous.

“What do I think of this? It’s marvelous! And thank them for coming. It made my day. Really. And they’re so beautiful,” said Malta House Resident Alice Diliellio.

The CNS band has played a lot of big dates in the past. National competitions, even the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. But I’ll bet you they’ve never played for an audience that was as appreciative.

“I can’t imagine how they got all these people together. The band and the girls. Very nice,” said Joy Quimby, another resident at Malta House.

It may not be another state championship or even the end-of-year concert the band might have liked. But it sure beats Zooming in from home.