GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Great New York State Fair is officially over, but the butter sculpture is about to get a new life.

Stopping to see the 800-pound butter sculpture is a Fair tradition for so many families, and what happens to it now has become a tradition for a nearby farm.

The 55th Butter Sculpture is heading to Noblehurst Farms where it will be churning into renewable energy.

The farm has been doing this since 2016.

They use a bio-digester to turn cow manure and food waste into renewable energy.

The 800 pounds of butter from the Great New York State Fair will power their farm for three days.

We are caretakers of the land. We take an immense amount of pride in the work that we do, in the land that we take care of, and the cows that we take care of, and this is just another initiative to decrease our carbon footprint and give back to our local community and kind of the whole world by doing this.

Jack Klapper – Co-Owner, Noblehurst Farms

Every year, the Noblehurst program turns 500 tons of food waste from supermarkets and schools into enough energy to power the farm and more than 350 homes in the area.