The do’s of recycling during the holidays

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The stores are bustling, the deliveries are arriving and all the gifts are being wrapped in red and green. Oh, and the amount of stuff that is put out on the curb is increasing too.  

Kristen Lawton, OCRRA Public Information Officer said, “Americans generate 25 percent more waste between Thanksgiving and the New Year than we do at any other time during the year.

So why not do your part and work with OCRRA to help keep neighborhoods a little cleaner during the most holly, jolly time of the year?

Lawton said, “As you’re buying, think about what it is that you want to have as your end result… Something that can be recycled would be great.”

The shipping boxes, catalogs and wrapping paper can all go in your blue bin at home.

The glitter, foil and bows are pretty but unless you save them for next year, they must go in the trash.

The most important thing to keep out of your blue bin are the plastic bags.

Lawton said, “It actually slows down and ultimately stops the equipment because the plastic bags wind around the equipment almost like a really tight rope and they have to stop the process, they have to cut them out, it basically just makes the process very inefficient. So we really encourage people to make sure you recycle the bags but at a retail store.”

Onondaga County is unique in that everything on their approved list actually gets recycled , so it’s important to make sure you recycle the correct way.  

Lawton said, “Only put the items acceptable here in Onondaga County in their bin because if you wish-cycle or put something you hope will be recycled but you’re just not really sure, what ends up happening is it contaminates the other recycling and it decreases the value of what can come from that.”

Make it easier on yourself and get a couple bins or bags for that big morning.  

Lawton said, “As you’re opening the gifts, that’s a perfect time to separate what’s recyclable and what is trash and I think a lot of the time folks are like oh it’s crazy we’ll do it later but that just doesn’t usually happen.”

When you’re giving gifts this season, OCRRA hopes you give a gift that will make our future a little brighter and cleaner. For a full list of what can be recycled, click here.

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